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Fire Damage

Our recommendation for after fires: The AR family


Excellent cleaning power that is gentle on materials, works quickly, and is both safe and easy to use – these are the outstanding features of the AR family. Alkaline cleaning agents from BC Restoration Products are used for restoring various water-resistant surfaces and are especially well-suited for cleaning soiled materials such as plastic, concrete, tiles, ceramics, rubber, varnishes, glass, metal etc. after a fire.

As every cleaning job has different requirements, we have matched our alkaline cleaning agents to your needs; from very mild (very gentle on the environment and materials) to the highly alkaline cleaning agent, which can get to grips with even the toughest dirt

As a rule of thumb, the higher the cleaning agent's pH value, the quicker it dissolves soot and fire condensats or oil grease deposits. 

Good to know: otherwise safe materials can quickly cause dangerous situation in cases of fire damage. Fire and smoke can create hazardous materials that are then deposited on all affected surfaces and objects.  


AR 11, AR12*, AR12S, AR 13, M14*, GR, KR